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After many years of hoping, dreaming, and chasing my crazy dream I finally am able to say. "I am Published." thank you so much to the people who happed me along the way I am truly grateful to you.

please feel free to look around!

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Life of a Writer


Write On

by Ceili Rain C.

Put my pen to the paper

The words hovering in my mind

I’ll have to get them out

Or they’ll linger


Put my fingers to the keyboard

Watch words appear

And those words turn into

Sentences and paragraphs


Put a story into pages

One that flows from my heart

Let the truth come through

And resound in someone’s heart


So keep writing, child

Keep your head up

For your words can be

So very impactful


Write on, my child

Write on, my friends

And speak, and write,

From your heart


Soli Deo Gloria

Come Alive

An Anthology

17 stories that show the dawn in the darkness.


A grim future where death can happen more than once. An epic battle between darkness and light. A time long ago when death seemed to win. A dream of flying. Enter these worlds and more in this collection of short stories by eleven young authors.


Who You Say I Am



I am Blessed

Rewarded with eternal life

I am Chosen

Called to glorify Him

I am Adopted

Taken from my old life and put in new

I am Redeemed

Reclaimed from my sin

I am His

Blessed, chosen, adopted, redeemed



A girl is paralyzed from the waist down and is forced to quit gymnastics. A little leaf loses trust in her strong tree. A ladies’ maid finds a new Hope in the midst of her princess becoming a beast. A boy follows the wind and watched the death of a savior.

In this collection of stories and poems by fifteen young authors, there is hope in the One True God, and that is reason enough to put our identity in Him.

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