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My Work-In-Progresses

Here you will find books, short stories and other things that I am working on. don't be shy to read about each one!

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Project: Sunset, as of now, is a standalone novel telling the story of a girl who loses her father. She fights to hold onto her faith, her joy, and hope as she struggles through this time of hurt. It tells the story of a girl who uses music as a way to combat fear and memories. It tells the story of a girl who is healing.



Project: Raven is the first book in The WW series a retelling of Alice in Wonderland. This book tells the tale of an assassin who is made to do horrible things, things that fracture her soul and make her mind break. It tells of a girl who is forced to fight for the crown she didn’t want. It tells of someone who is broken, shattered, and bleeding coming to find herself through her own darkness.

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He leaned in close, his ocean blue eyes meeting her forest green ones. She felt his hand brush over her cheek as she struggled for breath, his chocolate voice whispered to her.

“Do you want to go on one last adventure?”

“Only if you take me.” she breathed.

This is a story of a girl about to die, a guardian angel who cares a little too much, and one last grand adventure.



Lost, Afraid, and Cursed Arial must win over the hearts of the sea after her ship dashed against rocks and shattered.  Now with no hope of ever returning to her old home will Arial find a way to brake the curse? or will she forever swim the sea?

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