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5 Tips for Productivity In Writing a Guest Post by Abby Henderson

Hey, everyone! Thanks so much for having me, K. Florence! 

My name is Abby Henderson– I’m a fifteen-year-old writer from Minnesota. I’ve written several short stories, a series of novelettes, and two novels. When I’m not writing, you can find me reading a good book with a mug of chai tea or singing and playing one of my favorite songs on the piano. If you want to learn more about me and my writing (and read K. Florence’s guest interview!), you can subscribe to my newsletter: The Introverted Writer.

5 Tips for Productivity In Writing

You stare at a blank screen waiting for words to appear. You glance at your clock, only to realize it’s bedtime and you haven’t written a thing. You reach the end of the month and your novel isn’t any closer to being finished. These are all real problems that most writers face. If you haven’t ever struggled with procrastination or making the most of your time, you deserve a badge and should probably be writing this post instead. But since I don’t think that person exists, I will be the one sharing 5 tips for productivity in writing with you.

 Set Goals

Now this may seem obvious, but it is so helpful! Having a goal, even if it’s very small, can help motivate you and keep you on track. The spot where goals can go wrong is when they’re too ambitious and start to become stressful. How to set realistic goals is a whole nother thing, but goals do not need to be stressful. Even if it’s just, “write 50 words this week” or “edit 1 page this month” as long as you have something to work towards!

Find your Sweet Spot

This tip has been given over and over again, but it is so important. Finding the time that works for you is key. I tend to write in the mid-afternoon, but maybe early morning before everyone else is awake is your favorite time. This might take a little trial and error, but once you find the ideal time, make sure you clear your schedule to write during that time.

Write Before your Must-Dos

I know how hard it can be to sit down and write. All day, the computer seems to loom dauntingly on your desk, you know it will be fun when you sit down, but it just seems like so much work! One thing that I’ve used to combat this is putting writing before things you have to do. Before I sit down with my school books, I always take out my computer and write for 20-30 minutes. Because I still have to do school and I really don’t want to still be doing it by 5 pm, this forces me to stay on track and get my word goal in. This will probably look different for you. It could be homework, answering emails, or something like that.

Reward yourself

Writing can be terrifying and heartbreaking and a lot of work, but the world would be worse off without it. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember just how much work you do and how awesome you are which is why I believe in rewarding every little accomplishment. You hit 1,000 words on your WIP (work in progress)? Make yourself a fancy drink! You finished the first draft of your novelette? Buy yourself the next book on your TBR. You survived a week of editing? Have a fun sleepover with your friends! Not only do you deserve it, but it serves as an awesome incentive!

Set Timers

Ok, this is my favorite of the whole list! Timers are amazing, people! Not only does writing in smaller chunks make it seem less daunting (you don’t have hours of work ahead of you, just 20 minutes), but it also increases your productivity. Even though there’s actually no pressure, (the world won’t end if you don’t get to 500 words in 15 minutes), the sense of urgency that the timer gives can be just enough to keep you focused and push you to reach your goal.

So, remember: goals, find your sweet spot, reward yourself, put writing before your must-dos, and set timers. Everything on this list is straightforward, easy, and totally attainable. I hope your productivity skyrockets! I believe in you!

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