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13 Original Fiction Writing Prompts

The cool, calm water of the lake ripped under my fingers. Tearing the world to it's broken core.


I thought I was the fire.

But I turned out to be the ice.

I thought I could see.

But I did not see his pain.


Write about a world where it stopped raining and people had to learn how to make weather.


“You are charged with a task to love the people who can give nothing back. And live the rest of your life like that.”


The screaming stopped for a split second as he walked over to her.

“We are playing a game of mental strength and I am going to win.” He stated in a heartless tone, not wanting to look at her but drawn to her bubbling green eyes. She looked into his cold hard face and snarled unwilling to be broken.

“In your wildest dreams”


Mother says that rain means God is sad, that he is crying.

But I think that each raindrop is a wish that God wants to come true.


The night was coming, and the light was fading, it was time for the warriors to come out and fight.


Write about a world were using your magic costs you your life.


Tears flooded my eyes as I watched her come down the aisle,

In a casket.


Write about a little girl that can sum up storms.

A knight that holds the key to immortality.

And a fairy that is on a quest to find four mythical objects.


Write about a boy and a girl, twins. When they are together, they have a soul, feelings, but when they are alone their souls belong to the books.


I stared up at the clear blue sky and wondered if I could ever be the same.


After everything I kept the gift of laughter. For myself.

Rock on

~K. Florence

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