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30 Things to Do This Fall

I love fall, it always seems like a magical time when the world is getting ready to put that glittery white blanket of snow over itself. The leaves change color, birds migrate, and the air turns chilly. *shivers under fluffy blanket*

So today we are going to be covering 30 things to do this fall to make it cozy, fun, and memorable. Lets dive in!

1. Walk through a fall forest

2. Cuddle with a pet

3. Go apple picking

4. Drink hot apple cider

5. Make pumpkin pie

6. Wear fluffy socks

7. Decorate your room

8. Read a book by a fire

9. Visit pumpkin patch

10. Carve a jack o lantern

11. Jump in a pile of leaves

12. Wear sweaters!

13. Volunteer

14. Make a thankful list

15. Fall photo shoot

16. Press leaves

17. Light candles

18. Coffee with friends!

19. Go to a football game

20. Go hunting

21. Drink tea

22. Cuddle under a warm blanket

23. Wear a scarf/hat

24. Rost pumpkin seeds

25. Do some fall baking

26. Tell ghost stories

27. Cut wood

28. Write

29. Have a Friendsgiving

30. Do fall DIYs

That’s all for today! Thank you so much for taking the time to read. What are some of your favorite things to do in the fall?

Rock on,

-K. Florence

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