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My Happy List Vol. 1

Good day everyone! Waves and hands out cookies Thank you for stopping by to read about my happy list today!

During this season of Easter, I have been thinking of all the things that make me happy, turn my mouth up in a smile, and cause me joy. I was thinking about the amazing fact that Jesus gave his very life so that we may live ours. I was thinking about how incredibly lucky we are that we have a savior that loves us so much. he loves us on our bad days and good ones. the days when math is frustrating and days when we just sit and read. Just something to keep on your mind during this season of Easter.

What is a happy list? a happy list is just a list of things that are making me happy or things that make me smile. events that I am grateful for and such.


🌼 Morning sun coming through the window when I wake up

🌼 Adding more books to my TBR

🌼 Karate torment!

🌼 Journaling

🌼 Family movies

🌼 White snow glittering down from the sky

🌼 Fresh wood smell

🌼 Decorating Easter eggs

🌼 Reaching 50k in Project: Raven!!

🌼 Late night brainstorming sessions

🌼 Reading more then I should

🌼 Making a bookshelf with dad <3

🌼 Coffee smoothie treat

🌼 Writing like I have wings on my fingers

🌼 Listing to some amazing music

🌼 Family game nights

🌼 Decorating church for Easter

🌼 The warm heat wafting from a flickering fire

Those are some of the things that I have been enjoying this March, what about you? what is your happy list? comment and let me know!

Rock on,

K. Florence

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