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Get to Know Me Writers Tag edition

I was browsing one of my favorite blogs to read, Deigan Marrie. As I was looking and reading her posts I caught a glimpse of an old tag challenge that I thought would be fun to bring back to life!

the rules:

·         link back to the tag creator {That would be Savannah Grace}

·         thank the person who tagged you {Thank you, Deigan!!!} share the tag graphic {optional}

·         tag 11 bloggers {which I don't think I can do XD}

vital stats & appearance:

(Pen) Name: K. Florence

Birthday: February

Hair color and length: I have golden brown hair it’s color like perfectly cooked marshmallows during sunset fairly long at about belly button length and very curly

Eye Color: Blue-grey (depending what I am wearing it will change though)

Braces/Piercings/Tattoos: Nope, nada, no

Righty or Lefty: I'm right-handed!

Ethnicity: I'm a white American, and tend to fit the description fairly well 😆


First Novel Written: The first novel that I ever wrote was Project: Autumn a spy/dystopian story about a girl who had wings and was faced with the choice to find her family or save the world. Not both. (I quite like it and am planning on rewriting it sometime)

First Novel Completed: Project: Sunset! I finished the second draft late last year and am currently working on the third!

Award for Writing: None.

Publication: I have been published in three anthologies at this current time: the life of a writer, come alive, and who you say I am

Conference: Last year was my first writing conference! And it was AMAZING! I got to meet some of my favorite authors, get advice from people I look up to and make some amazing lifelong friends 🤗

Query/Pitch: at this point in my writing journey, I haven’t tried to query any of my novels that I have finished. But I plan to sometime in the future


Genre: Fairytale retellings or things inspired by fairytales! I ADORE this genre, I could sit and read it all day. The way the prince falls for the town girl or the way that the princess slays the dragon <3

Author: I have to pick one?! Fine fine, I would have to say Kara Swanson or Morgan Rice

Writing Music: I listen to a lot of @Abbie Emons writing playlists. They get me more focused than another thing I have tried

Time to Write: morning!

Writing Snack/Drink: Vanilla Comoro tea and popcorn

Movie: Black widow!

Writing Memory: I was writing late, it was about 11:45 and I was drinking peppermint tea and munching on a banana (I know a weird combo) when I typed the last few words of Project: Sunset’s second draft. At that moment the moon shone it’s rays through my bedroom window and the stars glittered. I was remined that it wasn’t my story I had finished but the Lords

Childhood Book: The Little House Books


Reading: The Rogue princess by Melanie Cellier

Writing: Project: Angel

Listening to: Monsters by Katie Sky

Watching: the Twilight Saga. I just recently finished reading it and I loved it so I am now watching the movies with my mom. It is the sweetest mother daughter bonding time. <3

Learning: about the wonders of what lies below the water, about the things watching you while you swim… 😉



Want to be Published: I really would love to be! (and already am)

Indie or Traditional: I am already published indie and I hope – Lord willing – that I can one day be published traditionally

Wildest Goal: Have one of my books become a movie.


I don’t think I will be able to tag all 11 people but I can at least tag a few!

- Ava Coulter @ 

- Pearl Christine @

I know that is only three but well I don’t know who else to tag, anyone reading is welcome to also!

I hope you had fun learning about me! (though I don’t think I am that interesting😂) comment your answers! I would love to learn more about you wonderful people!


Rock On,

K. Florence

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Becca Avila
Becca Avila

Just to let you know, only Pearl’s link is working. The rest are wacky…

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