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How to Find More Time with God this Summer

If you are a Christian, then you have probably had those times when you are super fired up about Jesus, wanting to spread his love everywhere you go. And you've had the times when you just can’t seem to find the time to read the Bible or pray. Trust me, I know what you are going through, I have been there as well. And when the summer starts our schedules seem to get more packed than ever—hardly having the time to do the everyday tasks or extracurricular activities like sports, art, reading and writing. So how do you find more time with God?

Take Walks

Other than being good for your physical health, walking allows your mind to calm down and relax. Walking, especially out in God’s creation, allows you to zoom out on the big picture and really take in the wonder of what God made. The careful detail that he put into drawing each and every petal on the wildflowers, the amazing color of the sky that he painted to make you smile that day, and even the fuzz on the bees.

Walking also allows you to have a quiet time where you can pray to the Lord and focus on what he is trying to tell you—whether that be to focus on his goodness more, be more cheerful to the people around you, dwell on his love for you, or finally start writing that book idea that you just weren't sure if you were ready to write.

Listen to Worship Music

God rejoices every time you praise him, and that includes when you listen to Christian worship music. When you are going to that last minute soccer practice, turn on some up-beat Jesus music, listen to some calming slow songs when you are working on that English assignment, or flip on the radio when you are washing the dishes. Christian music allows us to worship God even when we are doing other things. It allows us to praise him when life comes calling.

Work it into Your Routine

In most cases people have some kind of morning or night routine, even if they don’t realize it. They get up, stretch, brush their teeth, change, and eat breakfast. Or come home, throw their backpack on the floor, eat dinner, work on homework, and change. One of the most reliable ways to make sure I have my ‘Jesus Time’ each day is to make sure to work it into my routine. You might wake up ten minutes earlier each morning so you have time to read your Bible, sing worship songs in the shower, or pray while brushing your teeth.

You might say that you can’t possibly cut anything out of your routine. But there is normally something that you can cut just a little bit of time off of. Think how much time you spend on social media in the morning or at night. How many minutes is it? I bet if you switched that time out with ‘Jesus Time’ that you would grow in your faith faster than you can imagine. But you also have to remember that reading the Bible, turning on your Jesus music, or praying aren't automatic pills to help you grow closer to God, and that just going through the motions isn’t a foolproof way to grow your faith. You have to really dive in deep and mean what you pray, absorb what you read and listen to the lyrics a little bit more.

I hope that one or more of these ways to spend more time with God works for you, and I hope you found this article helpful in your walk with God.

Rock on

~K. Florence

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