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Using the Internet as a Christian

As a Christian we have the responsibility to honor God wherever and whatever we are doing. This includes not only in our physical life, but in our digital life as well.

So here are some tips to be a good citizen of God while on the internet.

1(: Be careful what you read

If you see an interesting news article about something that may not be appropriate for you personally. Don’t click on it. I know that it is tempting but don’t. You see, whether you or your parents set the rules on what you can and can’t read, know that what you read will be forever in your mind. Be always aware to read things that are God glorifying.

2(: Have a time Limit

Something that I have found out about personally is that if you get distracted you can easily fall down an internet rabbit hole and waste half the day.

A good way to hop over that hole and get into the habit of using the internet less is to handle it as a reward. For example, if you are on social media tell yourself that “you’ve got fifteen minutes to read through if after your room is clean.” Then you will not only have cut down on your time online but also be motivated to get something done.

3(: Talk with your parents

This next point is a very important one. When you talk to your parents about what they think is safe and appropriate on the internet, you are glorifying God.

My parents protect me and my siblings by having safety measures like fire walls. Your parents might do something different like have the internet turn off times or safety settings they turn on plus for your devices. But just remember that they only want to help keep you safe.

4(: Be sure it is God honoring

And last, but most important, make sure that whatever you do honors God. As believers we have to reflect God in our actions, words, and deeds.

This includes online.

Don’t go and do something that you wouldn’t do in real life. Whether that is talking to people rudely, lying, being a bully, or disobeying your parents.

Rather listen to the people you love, read things that follow the rules you (or your parents) have set for you, spend reasonable amount of time and not all day scrolling through social media, and honor God with all your heart, mind, and soul.

Rock On,

~K. Florence

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