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Kara Swanson's Title Reveal for New Book!!!!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

@karaswansonauthor's next book has a TITLE! I'm so thrilled to help share the brand-new title for Kara Swanson's upcoming book


Ignite is the first in a two-book YA Fantasy series about a phoenix girl living in an icy world suffocating beneath a dying sun.

I really love the themes of understanding true sacrifice — and learning how to feel safe in your own skin. Cannot wait for this one!

I'm also excited for her COVER REVEAL in December! Want to join in with me

and see the cover early? Sign up through the link in her bio! Kara Swanson

I haven't read a good phoenix book in a long time! What is a phoenix book you've read? #karaswanson #karaswansonauthor #dust #shadow #storytellersofinstagram #ignite #ignitekaraswanson #titlereveal #karaswansontitlereveal

Rock On,

K. Florence

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