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Welcome One and All to 2024 2023 in Review + My Goals

I can’t believe that it 2024. That honestly feel a little weird to say. This year has gone by like lightning, passing in a blur of memories, getting published for the first time, going the Young Writers conference, making friends at bible camp, finishing the second draft of Guitar Girl, and so much more. I can’t wait to share my year will all of you!

·         Bible camp

*Screams excitedly * this was one of the best weeks all year. I met some amazing girls while at Silver Berch Ranch, while I did get the cabin furthest away from everything, I am so incredibly grateful for all of my experiences.

One of my favorite memories was when the worship band played the song Run to the Father. The room was dark and all of the campers linked arms and swayed to the music. I felt God among us, it was so touching to see so many Christian teens in the same place worshiping at the same time.

·         Karate tournament

Around February my family and I went to compete in the Conqueror Cup Karate tournament, it had been many years since we had gone to one and surprisingly, I came back home with a silver and bronze mettle!

·         Our Dog Died

Fluffy ears, soft fur, and a loyal, caring personality. Are all things that I will hold close to my heart in the coming year when I remember our dog Hippopotamus (Hippo for short) her death was a blow to our family, but we all drew closer to each other in this situation.

·         Witnessed amazing sunsets

During 2023 I saw some of the most amazing sunsets that I have ever seen, some of them so amazing you think that they were fake. I could imagine God up in heaven looking at the sky like a canvas and him painting them with a ‘splash of this color and a few stokes of that color.’

·         I got my temps

Just a few weeks ago I got my driving permit! I was nervous going into the test but soon realized that I could confidently finish. Driving home from the DMV was so terrifying, I thought that for sure I was going to die. Needless to say, I didn’t.

·         Coffee dates with my friend

A very close friend of mine went out twice with me to go and get some coffee it was so nice to have some time to talk to about silly things, book ideas, and life.

·         Read 124 books!

This was quite an acompleshment this year! Though I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t read as many books as I read last year I am still very happy with this acompleshment!

·         Wrote second draft of Guitar Girl

·         Plotted a new book!

·         Started seriously writing Queen of Spades

·         Launched a blog

·         Wrote 68,934 words

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Happy New Year!! and don't forget to Rock On!

~ K. Florence

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