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What are Writers like in Real life?

I am at a writer’s conference. And because I am at a writer's conference, I am meeting a whole lot of writers. Most all of them are from the amazing online community The Young Writers Workshop (or as we know it, YDubs)

I am not going to lie meeting all the people I talked with online is so crazy, and kinda scary. I don’t know what they look like, but I do know they are all nice.

They are all writers.

And I think we would all agree that writers are weird, writers are crazy, and writers make things up… all the time. But that is why they are so much fun to be around.

For example, I met this lovely girl, we will call her H. H is kind and caring. She is funny and bright. And truly a good friend. But like me she is shy around people. She doesn’t like walking up to people even if she recognizes their name tag. (Just like me) however when H knows someone she talks a lot. which brings me to the next section.

Writers talk, a lot. About their book, about their life, about… anything. Whether that is assassins or coffee (which we all run off of) or tips and tricks. And because of that writers are great people to talk to. They are entertaining and experts in the art of words (at least most of the time)

Something I did notice though when I am at this conference is that writers are a lot shorter than you think they are. When you talk to them are read their amazing writing you think (or I thought) they are going to be tall for some reason and I get here, and the average height is like 5’5. I thought it was going to be like 5’7. so that was a surprise to me.

Writers are also very book oriented. They understand it and don’t get offended when someone starts fangirling over a book. They are okay with talking about said book for hours at a time. And after the conversation they just ask where they can get the book and then they go buy it. (or they borrow it from the local library)

In conclusion writers are what you would expect. They are weird and funny; they like to make things up and they really love talking (most of the time) so to everyone at the YDubs conference you are all amazing!

Lets Chat!

Have you ever been to a writers conference? If so what was it like?

Rock On

~K. Florence

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