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What I read in February + Some New Favorite Reads

During February I was addicted to reading. I couldn't seem to put anything I was reading down. reading almost everything my fingers picked up next.

Quick Reviews on some of my favorite reads:

Twilight Saga ~ 4.45 Stars

My first impression was that it was that it was going to be a bad book, but I was pleasantly surprised. Though the book doesn’t have many themes and is purely a book you read for entertainment and a story it hooks you.

the last book is my least favorite while the first and third are my favorites. in book 4 there are some seen that you kinda just want to skip over but other then that the series is good!

Hunger Games ~ 4 Stars

I am just going to get this out there. the hunger games are DARK, like very dark. they send kids to go kill other kids. it is cruel and horrible. but despite how much darkness is in the book *sighs in defat * I really loved it.

I think that it was worth the read. filled with themes like overcoming darkness and learning to love someone. this book though dark is filled with hope.

The Curius Realities Series by Sara Ella – 5 Stars

I have never read nonsense that makes logical sense in an illogical way. The way that Sara incorporates the wonder gene into the entire world is a stroke of well, wonder. and don’t get me started on the character arcs. The magic of the world in enchanting and truly enthralling. I can guarantee that this will be a series that I will be reading for many years to come.

The Selection Series (first three books) by Kiera Cass – 4.75 Stars

This series is such an interesting take on the world. In this dystopian setting America must face her worst fear and greatest hate. The prince. In order to stay in the selection as long as possible she must confront her heart and make a decision to either pick the prince or, the guard. 

Lets Chat!

what are some of your favorite books that you read during February?

Rock On,

K. Florence

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"I have never read nonsense that makes logical sense in an illogical way." I love this. xD

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